Alan v. Disney

fountain pen on notepad

Well, this is gross.

From SFWA: #Dis­ney­Must­Pay Alan Dean Fos­ter:

Disney’s argu­ment is that they have pur­chased the rights but not the oblig­a­tions of the con­tract. In oth­er words, they believe they have the right to pub­lish work, but are not oblig­at­ed to pay the writer no mat­ter what the con­tract says.

I’m not a lawyer, but, uh, that does­n’t sound right to me. (Nei­ther does Dis­ney’s wish to have Mr. Fos­ter sign a non-dis­clo­sure agree­ment before nego­ti­a­tions even start.)

In this David vs. Goliath fight, I’m on David’s side.

Hollow Bean 2020

Blue Moon through the maples

On this windy Hal­loween evening in this pan­dem­ic year, I hand­ed out can­dy using tongs and wear­ing a mask. Our Halloweeners:

  • a lit­tle wee lion
  • a brown bear
  • an angel
  • what appeared to be an Ewok in a parka
  • a gang­ster
  • a goth
  • a Stormtroop­er
  • a croc­o­dile
  • a vam­pire
  • a nurse
  • a lit­tle wee dinosaur who told me “Hab­by Ween!” over and over
  • a zom­bie
  • and a princess in pyjamas

…for a total of 13.

Weird­ly, that’s four more than we had last year. I don’t know what that might mean.

Hap­py Hol­low Bean. B. good.