The Great Conjunction

Jupiter and Saturn at conjunction

Sat­urn met up with Jupiter tonight, in case you had­n’t heard about it on the news.

It was cloudy here, but only part­ly cloudy, so I decid­ed I’d take a quick run out of town with my cam­era equip­ment, to see if I could get any photos.

I stepped out­side and dis­cov­ered I did­n’t need to go anywhere—it was vis­i­ble from my dri­ve­way. So I set up there, and snapped some pho­tos of Jupiter + Sat­urn in between the clouds.

Jupiter and Saturn at conjunction
Jupiter and Sat­urn at conjunction

In the box­es, top-left to bot­tom-right, are Cal­lis­to, Io, and Europa. Ganymede is too close to Jupiter for my lens to sep­a­rate it.

The half-moon looked love­ly, too, so I got some of the sun­shine reflect­ed off it, too.

All the pho­tos were tak­en with my 55250mm lens, at 250mm, f/5.6, vary­ing times and ISOs.

Frosty morning

Frost on the windows

Step­ping out to check the mail, I noticed the frost on the porch win­dow­panes, so I grabbed my camera.

I think I like it bet­ter in colour, but it’s hard to decide.

Frost on the windowsFrost on the windows (b&w)

Full size images: Col­or | Black & white

Nerdy details: 50mm, 1/4000s, f/1.8, ISO 100.

Geminids 2020

A meteor streaks over the horizon

The Gem­i­nids peak tonight. I went out in the coun­try­side for about half an hour. I saw a few mete­ors with the naked eye, and I man­aged to catch a few on cam­era. This is the bright­est one, by far, a green­ish streak just above the north­east­ern horizon.

View full size.

It was so cold my cam­era battery—fully charged when I left the house—lasted only 20 min­utes. This par­tic­u­lar shot was about 10 frames (2½ min­utes) before the bat­tery died.


Frost on my windshield

My dar­ling wife called me on her way to work this morn­ing to say I should go out and take pic­tures of my car before the sun came out. I did­n’t get the mes­sage till 3½ hours lat­er, but for­tu­nate­ly the sky had been cloudy all morn­ing and the nifty frost pat­terns she’d noticed were still there.

Little bird, little bird

Small blue-grey bird in my tree

I had a lit­tle blue-grey friend come for a quick vis­it at lunchtime.

I’m no bird­watch­er, but I think he’s a white-breast­ed nuthatch. Please cor­rect me if I’m wrong.

Update: Now with a rabbit!

Lat­er on in the day, around cof­fee­time in the after­noon, I got to say “Hi” to Hoss, who was rest­ing in the back yard.

December writing goals

Writer's Tears Irish Whiskey

It’s been a while since I did a “writ­ing goals” post, but this month I have a very con­crete goal, so here goes:

  • Fin­ish 1st and 2nd drafts of a short sto­ry for Dere­licts;
  • Route said sto­ry around for beta readers;
  • Pol­ish said sto­ry; and
  • Sub­mit said story.

(I keep call­ing it “said sto­ry” because I don’t have a title yet.)

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some writin’ to do.