Aurora, April 162021

Aurora borealis

Last night I took a dri­ve, and got some shots of a dif­fuse auro­ra bore­alis on a back road a few miles out­side of town.

I shot for about ½ hour between 11 and 11:30 pm, and made a short time­lapse video, too. Each sec­ond of video is about a minute in real-time.

I like how the clouds oblig­ing­ly fol­low the line of the pow­er lines

And then, when I came back to town, I decid­ed to get a few shots of the old Kull­bergs ware­house demo­li­tion going on at 18th Street and Pacif­ic Avenue. The pho­to below is an HDR merge of two pho­tos, to try to bal­ance the bright­ness of the exte­ri­or with the dark­ness of the interior.

Kullbergs Warehouse demolition
Things fall apart / the cen­tre can­not hold

A colourful day

Pink flamingos on the lawn

Today was Kath­leen’s birth­day. I ordered up a flock­ing from the local Kins­men club, and so this morn­ing, before dawn, two dozen plas­tic pink flamin­gos showed up on my lawn.

Pink flamingos on the lawn
In the chill of Jan­u­ary, a burst of ludi­crous trop­i­cal pink.

Then, tonight, my phone buzzed: there was a strong pos­si­bil­i­ty of auro­ra. So I grabbed my gear and drove out of town, where I found it was cold and very bright under a near­ly-full moon. There was indeed auro­ra, right at the edge of vision, but the moon washed it out quite a bit.

Faint aurora to the north
I processed the heck out of it, and you can still only just see a faint smear of green.

But I did find a new loca­tion for star trails, to be filed away for a warmer, dark­er night, so at least there’s that.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I might need a hot chocolate.