Aurora Borealis, April 23, 2023

Hi, I’m Patrick Johanneson.

I take a lot of pho­tos, many of them after dark (I par­tic­u­lar­ly like get­ting shots of the auro­ra and the Milky Way).

I write sci­ence fic­tion & fan­ta­sy. My work has been pub­lished in Inter­Text, Ecclec­ti­ca, On Spec, Tesser­acts 14, and Dai­ly Sci­ence Fic­tion.  I won the Man­i­to­ba Short Fic­tion con­test in ’04.

I have a blog:

  • Lilacs
    Ephemer­al and beautiful.
  • Auro­ra: May 19–20, 2023
    It would’ve been even bet­ter if I was­n’t wait­ing on a tow truck.
  • Ear­ly Bird
    In case you slept through my Sat­ur­day morn­ing inter­view with Shan­­nah-Lee Vidal—or you’re not in CBC Man­i­to­ba’s broad­cast area—here’s how the sto­ry went.
  • Auro­ra, April 23, 2023
    Anoth­er bril­liant show.
  • In the paper
    On the cov­er of an inside sec­tion, in fact.

I also enjoy web­site pro­gram­ming, teach­ing judo, Cana­di­an and indie cin­e­ma, and Norse mythol­o­gy.  I live in Man­i­to­ba with my wife Kathleen.

Je sais par­ler français, mais… lente­ment. Je ne m’en sers pas beau­coup dans ma petite ville.

You can find me on Face­book and Mastodon[1]I used to use Twit­ter, but… well, you know.. I also very occa­sion­al­ly post pho­tos on Insta­gram, but you’re more like­ly to find ’em here.


1 I used to use Twit­ter, but… well, you know.