Workin’ from home

My work-from-home setup

For a while now I’ve won­dered just how nec­es­sary it is for me to be on cam­pus. I live about five min­utes’ walk­ing dis­tance away; when I bike to work, it takes about as long to lock up my bike and walk to my office as it does for me to get to the Uni­ver­si­ty.

Now that the offi­cial word is “work from home if you can”, I’ve got my lap­top at home. Today I grabbed one of my two exter­nal mon­i­tors, too, so that I can code on one screen and view the results on anoth­er.

(Lap­top wall­pa­per: The Foun­tain of Indo­lence by J. M. W. Turn­er; exter­nal mon­i­tor wall­pa­per: my pho­to of the Milky Way from sum­mer 2019.)

Also, it turns out that a book on mythol­o­gy is inte­gral to my set­up; with­out it, the exter­nal mon­i­tor isn’t up high enough.

Monitor, back view

(My ISP’s upload speed is pret­ty abom­inable, but that’s a prob­lem for anoth­er day, I think.)

Two years

Eye (photo by Vanessa Bumbeers)

…and I real­ly don’t miss wear­ing glass­es all day every day.

(On St. Patrick­’s Day, 2018, I got my eyes lasered into prop­er shape by these fine peo­ple, and went from a 20/400 pre­scrip­tion in my good eye to a 20/16 in both.)

Some­times, when I’m feel­ing a lit­tle dopey in the morn­ing, I’ll still reach for them. (And find the read­ers on the night­stand, and put them on, and won­der why every­thing’s a lit­tle blurred…)

That reminds me, though, it’s prob­a­bly time to sched­ule an eye appoint­ment…

(That’s still not my eye­ball. Pho­to by Vanes­sa Bum­beers on Unsplash)

A friendly face

At the cof­fee shop this grey Mon­day morn­ing, the young woman behind me asked if I used to work at the research sta­tion. I said no, I’ve worked at the uni­ver­si­ty for 25 years¹.

You look famil­iar, though,” she said. “Maybe it’s just that you’ve got a friend­ly face.”

It’s good to know that my Mon­day face was­n’t a scowl.

¹ !

A bit of excitement

I pulled up at Chez Angela not long after a car acci­dent. As I was prepar­ing to leave, the ambu­lance pulled up and parked next to me, box­ing me in, so I went back into the bak­ery and had a cof­fee to wait them out.

The cars involved are on the oth­er side of the fire truck in the pho­to. I felt it would be bad form to wan­der around the site tak­ing pho­tos. Plus it was way warmer inside, sip­ping my cof­fee, than out in the street.

When I left, about ten min­utes lat­er, the police were still there, and two tow trucks had showed up.

As far as I could tell, no one was seri­ous­ly hurt, but at least one of the vehi­cles was not in great shape.

The Hollow Bean 2019 count

Happy Hollow Bean

This year we had the fol­low­ing cos­tumes come to the door look­ing for can­dy (and receiv­ing 2 full-size bars apiece, because frankly we bought more can­dy than we should have):

  • a kid in par­ka and bal­a­cla­va
  • a knight
  • a princess in a par­ka
  • a princess in a dif­fer­ent par­ka
  • Mal­e­fi­cient, horns ‘n’ all
  • a princess
  • a uni­corn with wings
  • Elsa (I think)
  • a princess asleep on her mom’s shoul­der (her old­er sis­ter, in the Elsa cos­tume, col­lect­ed can­dy for her)

…for a grand total of nine.

I should’ve giv­en ’em all 3 bars.

Last year: 10; 2017: 16.