Hallowe’en 2017 count

Here’s the tal­ly for this year’s Hallowe’eners:

  • Mad sci­en­tist
  • Min­ion
  • 2-year-old (approx.) in a bee cos­tume who was appar­ent­ly scared of me because I’m a stranger, and had to be con­vinced by her moth­er to accept a choco­late bar from me
  • Morty
  • Zom­bie banana (how­ev­er that works)
  • Princess
  • Witch
  • Vam­pire cat
  • Cow­boy in a snow­suit
  • Cat in a snow­suit
  • 3 more cow­boys
  • Ghoul with flash­ing red LED eyes that made him look like a dire Jawa
  • Jason Voorhees in a par­ka
  • Princess in a par­ka

First door­bell: 6:15 PM.

Last door­bell: 8:45 PM.

Left­over can­dy: suf­fi­cient but prob­a­bly not fatal.

Bike Around

Speak­ing as some­one who watched his father slide into demen­tia, this is very inter­est­ing.

To com­bat [mem­o­ry loss, researcher Anne-Chris­tine Hertz] built a pro­to­type called BikeAround, which pairs a sta­tion­ary bike with Google Street View to take demen­tia patients on a vir­tu­al ride down mem­o­ry lane. Patients input a street address of a place that means some­thing to them—a child­hood home[,] for instance—and then use the ped­als and han­dle­bars to “bike around” their old neigh­bor­hoods.

Meet the researcher using Google Street View to help demen­tia patients with mem­o­ry loss—via Google.

Campfire Week

File Photo: Laundry

It was gor­geous out this week­end, sim­ply beau­ti­ful. Highs of 29°C Sat­ur­day and Sun­day. So I washed, like, all the laun­dry in my house and hung it on the line to dry on Sat­ur­day.

My neigh­bours decid­ed to have them­selves a fire in their back­yard fire pit, about an hour before I brought my laun­dry in.

Long sto­ry short, every shirt I put on now smells like camp­ing. Not that I’m com­plain­ing.

My head’s swimming now

I recent­ly fin­ished my re-read of Gene Wolfe’s Fifth Head of Cer­berus. Feel­ing pret­ty smug, think­ing I’d caught a lot more than I’d picked up on first read­ing it, I Googled fifth head of cerberus analysis, which led me to a pas­sel of arti­cles on Ultan’s Library, includ­ing Prov­ing Veil’s Hypoth­e­sis [warn­ing: many, many spoil­ers] . And… wow.

I had no idea.

I still have no idea.

But I’m glad there’s at least one writer out there as sub­tle, as sneaky, as sly, as Gene Wolfe.

Series: Gene Wolfe

The entire series: The Gold­en Sen­tence; A les­son in a line; Inde­scrib­able; My head’s swim­ming now; The Island of Dr. Death.

À la prochaine, Minnedosa

There are worse offices. #writ­ing #writ­er­stears

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And thus ends the 2017 writ­ing retreat. I’ll have a more detailed post lat­er, but the pré­cis is that I wrote 12,500+ words in Trans­la­tions, had an epiphany that will change the last third of the sto­ry, took a bunch of pho­tos, and drank a lot of iced cof­fee at Chip­per­fields as I used their wifi (much as I am right now).

Oh, and we bought a car.

Good times.