Bike Around

Speaking as someone who watched his father slide into dementia, this is very interesting.

To combat [memory loss, researcher Anne-Christine Hertz] built a prototype called BikeAround, which pairs a stationary bike with Google Street View to take dementia patients on a virtual ride down memory lane. Patients input a street address of a place that means something to them—a childhood home[,] for instance—and then use the pedals and handlebars to “bike around” their old neighborhoods.

Meet the researcher using Google Street View to help dementia patients with memory loss—via Google.

Campfire Week

File Photo: Laundry

It was gorgeous out this weekend, simply beautiful. Highs of 29°C Saturday and Sunday. So I washed, like, all the laundry in my house and hung it on the line to dry on Saturday.

My neighbours decided to have themselves a fire in their backyard fire pit, about an hour before I brought my laundry in.

Long story short, every shirt I put on now smells like camping. Not that I’m complaining.

My head’s swimming now

I recently finished my re-read of Gene Wolfe’s Fifth Head of Cerberus. Feeling pretty smug, thinking I’d caught a lot more than I’d picked up on first reading it, I Googled fifth head of cerberus analysis, which led me to a passel of articles on Ultan’s Library, including Proving Veil’s Hypothesis [warning: many, many spoilers] . And… wow.

I had no idea.

I still have no idea.

But I’m glad there’s at least one writer out there as subtle, as sneaky, as sly, as Gene Wolfe.

À la prochaine, Minnedosa

There are worse offices. #writing

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And thus ends the 2017 writing retreat. I’ll have a more detailed post later, but the précis is that I wrote 12,500+ words in Translations, had an epiphany that will change the last third of the story, took a bunch of photos, and drank a lot of iced coffee at Chipperfields as I used their wifi (much as I am right now).

Oh, and we bought a car.

Good times.