Clouded Aurora

After I watched the new Top Gun talkie, I checked the data in my auro­ra app while I was still in the park­ing lot. It looked good[1]The Bz read­ing was ‑11, where the fur­ther into the neg­a­tive, the bet­ter; I usu­al­ly see a decent show if it’s at ‑4 or so., so I hur­ried home, grabbed my gear, and went out of town.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly it was cloudy to the north. I set up any­way, hop­ing the clouds would move off, and start­ed snap­ping photos.

Long sto­ry short: the clouds did­n’t move off. I gave it about 45 min­utes, and then packed up and went home.

Here’s a time­lapse of about 20 min­utes’ worth of my attempts. Each frame is a 10-sec­ond exposure. 

And here’s a hand­ful of my favourites from the pho­tos I got. (I think I caught a mete­or in the first one, on the far left.)


1 The Bz read­ing was ‑11, where the fur­ther into the neg­a­tive, the bet­ter; I usu­al­ly see a decent show if it’s at ‑4 or so.


I had the day off today. I took a bro­ken chair and ottoman to the dump, I did laun­dry, I talked to my mom and got texts from my sis­ters, I wrote a few hun­dred words, I went for a 2‑km bike ride (first of the year!), I enjoyed the heck out of a Guin­ness choco­late cake my wife got for me at Chez Angela, and I taught/studied a cou­ple foot/leg throws at judo[1]sasae-tsuriko­mi-ashi (lifting/pulling foot block) and hiza-guru­ma (knee wheel) .

I’ve had worse birthdays.


1 sasae-tsuriko­mi-ashi (lifting/pulling foot block) and hiza-guru­ma (knee wheel) 


I’m real­ly only sav­ing this for my own rec­ol­lec­tion. I man­aged to “win” Seman­tle on my first try (27 guess­es but it’s still a victory).

#GuessSim­i­lar­i­tyGet­ting close?
3[exple­tive deleted]10.31(cold)
1lat­ter[1]the pre­vi­ous day’s word2.83(cold)


1 the pre­vi­ous day’s word

Hallowe’en Tally 2021

OK, it’s 10 pm and I’m turn­ing off the light. I guess the rest of these choco­late bars are our deli­cious problem.

The List:

  • 2 goth teens
  • 2 witch­es
  • 1 Wheat King
  • 1 straw­ber­ry
  • 1 jack-o-lantern, very excit­ed that we were hand­ing out full-size choco­late bars
  • 1 skele­ton

…for a total of 8, which I think is our low­est count in 22 years of liv­ing here.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think there might be a Cof­fee Crisp with my name on it.

Autumn Trees

Trees in autumn colours

North of ACC.

I can’t decide which I like bet­ter. Do you have a preference?

Trees in autumn coloursTrees in autumn colours

Series: Bike Ride Photos

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Just people, like you and me

We’ve been watch­ing episodes of a PBS show called My Grand­par­ents’ War, where celebs like Hele­na Bon­ham Carter and Kristin Scott Thomas trace the his­to­ries of their grand­par­ents’ expe­ri­ence in WWII. Tonight we saw one fea­tur­ing Mark Rylance, and there were a cou­ple quotes that stuck out to me. I want­ed to record them before I for­get them.

Mark Rylance, walk­ing in a ceme­tery for war dead in Hong Kong (where, but for the grace of God / ran­dom chance, his grand­fa­ther might well have end­ed up), mused that he keeps hear­ing peo­ple talk­ing dis­pas­sion­ate­ly about war, as though it’s some kind of nat­ur­al event. But, he point­ed out, war is fought by peo­ple. Just peo­ple, like you and me.

Lat­er, he met with a Japan­ese his­to­ri­an who has stud­ied the POW camps that the Japan­ese ran in Hong Kong. He asked her why she chose to study the camps—a heavy ques­tion, con­sid­er­ing some of the atroc­i­ties that had been explored ear­li­er in the episode. She respond­ed, “His­to­ry does­n’t repeat itself. Peo­ple repeat it.”

Just peo­ple, like you and me. Let’s be care­ful, OK?

Snow, eh?

Snowflakes against the trees

I know, I know, I live in Cana­da. But every spring I get fooled into think­ing that maybe the snow’s done now till next winter.

Still. At least it’s an oppor­tu­ni­ty to show­case one of my favourite graphs.

(284) I occasionally draw graphs

(The head­er image is actu­al­ly about 40 images, stacked using the same method I use for my star trails.)