All right, autumn can be pretty

Autumn Leaves

Those who know me know that I much pre­fer spring and sum­mer to fall. I love the new growth of spring, and I would much rather wear shorts and T‑shirts than long johns and parkas. Autum­n’s begin­ning brings with it the threat of inevitable win­ter, and it makes me some­what melan­choly.

But I will grudg­ing­ly admit that ear­ly autumn, before the cold sets in to stay, has its own charms.

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Clear skies at the farm

The halfway tree at night

We got to the farm last night in the dark, and the skies were clear and star­ry. So, after vis­it­ing for a bit, I took my cam­era and tri­pod out in the lane.

Godspeed, Ron

The sign for Kalbergs' Värmland Farm

We got a call on Thurs­day evening, late; lat­er than Kath­leen’s mom Mary usu­al­ly calls.

My father-in-law, Ron, died sud­den­ly on Thurs­day. He’d gone out to clear some bro­ken branch­es out of the brush, and he did­n’t come back in. Mary found him by the trac­tor.

Ron’s obit­u­ary

We spent the week­end out at the farm. On Sun­day, I went out in the yard and on the road, and took a few pho­tos, as is my way.

Sign for the Conservation Corner contributed by Ron & Mary
Con­ser­va­tion Farm
The Halfway Tree between Brandon and Winnipeg, viewed from the east side
Every­one’s favourite: the Halfway Tree
A panorama of the yard at the farm, with a tree on the right side
An attempt­ed panora­ma of part of the yard

One of us—I think it was Kath­leen, but I agree 100%—that at least he died doing what he loved: being mad at a tree.

Photos at Clear Lake

My friend Tim is camp­ing up at Clear Lake this week, so last night after work I head­ed up for a vis­it. We had some burg­ers at the Board­walk (the Jim Burg­er, I’m pleased to report, is pret­ty tasty) and then wan­dered around the town and beach for a bit. I had my cam­era and tri­pod, and was look­ing for a sub­ject.

Some­one, for­tu­itous­ly, had stacked stones down at the edge of the water.

Stacked Stones at Clear Lake
“Nor­mal” shot: 50mm, f/1.8, 1/500s
Stacked Stones at Clear Lake
Long expo­sure: 50mm, f/22 (plus an ND8 fil­ter), 6 sec
Stacked Stones at Clear Lake
Breniz­er panora­ma: 9 pho­tos, 50mm, f/1.8, 1/500 sec

And on the boat dock, it was­n’t quite sun­set yet, but the sun was quite orange as it tried to peek through the clouds.

Sun-dappled Clear Lake
The sun peek­ing through the clouds and reflect­ing on the water

A soundtrack for tearing down a garage

As we fin­ished up, my phone’s ran­dom­iz­er deliv­ered Corb Lund’s song “Hard on Equip­ment”, which seemed appro­pri­ate, giv­en it reminds my wife of me and reminds me of my dad.

I had my phone play­ing music through­out the week, and it deliv­ered some gems:

Good times.

What a difference another day makes

The squirrel checks out the dumpster

Anoth­er day, anoth­er bunch of garage demo­li­tion.

Above: the fore­man checks the dump­ster’s con­tents.

Below: some more com­par­i­son pho­tos

The garage with its roof down

And begin­ning to end.

The garage, roof still intact

There’s still some work to do—mostly cleanup—but we got a lot done in a few days. Huge thanks to Kevin, who lent his exper­tise, his mus­cles, and his chain­saw to the removal of the roof.

After, I sat in the yard and took a few more art­sy pho­tos.

A baby tree and a power line
A baby tree and a pow­er line
A puffy little cloud
A puffy lit­tle cloud
The branches straight above our yard
I’m gonna miss those branch­es when they’re gone

What a difference a day makes

Our foreman

Above: our fore­man, the per­pet­u­al­ly-angry Angry Squir­rel, who’s los­ing a safe hid­ing spot for all the pine cones he’s col­lect­ed.

Below: before-and-after pho­tos of the roof going down on our garage.

The garage, roof still intactThe garage with its roof down

Smashy smashy!

Writing Retreat, Day 4

Canola field panorama

Tues­day’s action:

  • Processed last night’s astropho­tog­ra­phy (it was past 2 AM when I got back to the cab­in)
  • Biked up 16A again, fur­ther this time (a bit over 10km round trip), and got a cou­ple panora­mas of the fields and skies (the image at the top is a wide panora­ma of a canola field)
  • Wrote 1,000 words in the morn­ing
  • Went to town for some gro­ceries and a (short) cof­fee / WiFi break
  • Read a few more chap­ters in The Knight
  • Wrote anoth­er 1,000 words before sup­per
  • Took some comet and Milky Way pho­tos, since it was clear again despite the fore­cast

I wish I’d noticed that there was some flick­er­ing north­ern lights just as I was pack­ing up for the night; I’d have stayed longer, even though I was tired.

It’s sup­posed to be clear again tonight, and hope­ful­ly the solar wind will strike twice.

As always: if you’re inter­est­ed in prints of any of these pho­tos, let me know. We’ll see what we can work out.

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