Pylons down

Hydro pylons lie on the ground near Winnipeg

I took this pho­to just out­side Head­in­g­ley on my way home from Win­nipeg. I’m not sure if the ones lying down were felled in the Thanks­giv­ing storm, or if they’re meant to replace weak­ened pylons (though I lean toward the for­mer).

[Update, 8 Jan. 2020] They’re replac­ing the pylons, or sup­ple­ment­ing them. The last time we went into Win­nipeg, on Box­ing Day, the pylons were now stand­ing, though not yet strung with wires.

A bit of excitement

I pulled up at Chez Angela not long after a car acci­dent. As I was prepar­ing to leave, the ambu­lance pulled up and parked next to me, box­ing me in, so I went back into the bak­ery and had a cof­fee to wait them out.

The cars involved are on the oth­er side of the fire truck in the pho­to. I felt it would be bad form to wan­der around the site tak­ing pho­tos. Plus it was way warmer inside, sip­ping my cof­fee, than out in the street.

When I left, about ten min­utes lat­er, the police were still there, and two tow trucks had showed up.

As far as I could tell, no one was seri­ous­ly hurt, but at least one of the vehi­cles was not in great shape.

Volleyball action

My nephew Isaac is in town for a vol­ley­ball tour­na­ment again, so I snapped a few pho­tos. I post­ed ’em on Face­book, but not every­one is on Face­book (hi, Mom!), so I’m putting them here too.

Isaac’s team (Col­lège Louis Riel) won in 3 sets: 2514, 1825, 1512.

The last few days

Our friend Tess dropped by for a vis­it last week­end, and stayed overnight. I decid­ed to snap a pho­to of her, and one of Kath­leen as well.

Then I saw a love­ly red-and-yel­low autumn tree on my way to work.

Autumn leaves
The tree up the block went all red and yel­low

And today it snowed.

The court­yard through a win­dow spot­ted with snow