Compare & contrast

One of my all-time favourite Christ­mas car­ols is “Ça Berg­ers”. (Most of my favourite car­ols are French, since I came up in a French immer­sion school. It makes it hard to find them, liv­ing as I do in a pre­dom­i­nant­ly Eng­lish part of Man­i­to­ba. Oh well.)

Every year I look it up on YouTube. The first year, there was one ver­sion, not a great one. It sound­ed like it’d been record­ed in a high-school gym onto cas­sette, and prob­a­bly was.

This year: There are plen­ty of choic­es. Here are a cou­ple for you. (Well, for me.)

The choral version

The death metal version

(with altered lyrics, natch)

Which do you prefer?

Snoopy’s Christmas

For those that did­n’t care for yes­ter­day’s Giger delights, I offer this.

When I was a kid, we had this song (along with the oth­er two Snoopy vs. the Red Baron tunes, and a bunch of Roy­al Guards­men songs on the B‑side) on an LP with a pink card­board sleeve. I must have come pret­ty close to wear­ing the record out over the years.

I actu­al­ly still have the record (thanks, Mom!) but a) I don’t have a record play­er and b) it’s pret­ty bad­ly warped now, so  the last time I tried to lis­ten to it, it sped up and slowed down to a degree com­pa­ra­ble to the songs they play on Lip Sync Battle.

Fun fact: As a kid I assumed the sound effect on the line “The Baron then offered / A hol­i­day toast” was a toast­er pop­ping out toast. Now I know it’s a cham­pagne cork. Ah, youth.

Music Monday: Sol Invictus

I’m not sure if Music Mon­day is a thing, or if Chad­wick is just try­ing to make it a thing, but either way here’s my response (riposte?) to his Queen post.

Faith No More put out a new album ear­li­er this year, their first release in 18 years. Because I’m old, I bought the CD. Here’s a live ver­sion of the first track, “Sol Invic­tus” (which is also the title of the album). It’s a qui­et med­i­ta­tion on the loss of faith.

I believe in some­thing, I think — for some rea­son that line real­ly gets me.

Also, for those look­ing for some­thing a bit loud­er and more aggres­sive, well, the new album has you cov­ered, too.

Here’s “Super­hero”, the sec­ond track:


August Aurora

I head­ed out of town, hop­ing to catch Mars and Sat­urn before they set. I did­n’t have a lot of time, and when I got to a decent dark spot, the view was­n’t great, and high­way traf­fic to the south would have out­shined the plan­ets in any event.

Then I turned around, to face the north.

One of those nights

My dis­ap­point­ment fad­ed away.