Music Monday: Sol Invictus

I’m not sure if Music Mon­day is a thing, or if Chad­wick is just try­ing to make it a thing, but either way here’s my response (riposte?) to his Queen post.

Faith No More put out a new album ear­li­er this year, their first release in 18 years. Because I’m old, I bought the CD. Here’s a live ver­sion of the first track, “Sol Invic­tus” (which is also the title of the album). It’s a qui­et med­i­ta­tion on the loss of faith.

I believe in some­thing, I think — for some rea­son that line real­ly gets me.

Also, for those look­ing for some­thing a bit loud­er and more aggres­sive, well, the new album has you cov­ered, too.

Here’s “Super­hero”, the sec­ond track: