A moment of clarity

Dried flowers tied with a ribbon

This after­noon, wash­ing dish­es and lis­ten­ing to music, I had a writ­ing epiphany. The song “Moment of Clar­i­ty” by 13 Engines popped up in the rotation…

…and one part of it, specif­i­cal­ly, strikes a chord on my cur­rent WiP.

A moment of clar­i­ty is all that’s required of me
And all oth­er places and oth­er times, they’re wav­ing good­bye

Yeah, that’s all the con­text you’re gonna get for now. Let me know if you’re inter­est­ed in read­ing this once it’s all done, though.

Tonight’s writing

The river

I ham­mered out 1,100 words, give or take, in “Sum­mer­time in the Void”, which is a new short sto­ry about a man left behind by the Singularity.

Here’s a sam­ple, but be kind, it’s first draft material:

His dad, not long before he left, had told John that you can’t ever cross the same riv­er twice, and John had asked why not and his dad had just smiled and told him “You’re smart, fig­ure it out.”

Because the water’s nev­er the same, he decid­ed. Some­times it’s swift and deep, and sometimes—like now, after a long, hot, dry summer—it was shal­low, lazy, and muddy.

I’ve got about 3,900 more words to make this into a coher­ent sto­ry. I think I can make it work.

Down in Fraggle Rock

Today I learned that…

Den­nis Lee, Cana­di­an poet, author of child­hood favourite “Alli­ga­tor Pie”, was also the co-founder of the ven­er­a­ble Cana­di­an press House of Anan­si Press (which, even though I’m ill-versed in Can­Lit, I’d heard of).

And he wrote the lyrics to the theme song for Frag­gle Rock.

And he co-wrote the sto­ry for the movie Labyrinth.

[Cita­tion needed]