Writing Retreat 2020, Day 1 & 2


  • Fin­ished the final out­stand­ing scene in “The Slow Apoc­a­lypse”, so that can sit for a cou­ple weeks’ aging before I start editing
  • Read a few chap­ters in The Wiz­ard
  • Tried to get some pho­tos of the comet, but the clouds were in the wrong spot
  • Got pho­tos of light­ning, the ISS, and Jupiter and its Galilean moons
  • Dis­cov­ered the cof­fee shop isn’t open on Sun­day or Monday


  • Wrote two sprints in Trans­la­tions, 2,000 words total
  • Rode my bike up 16A, which is closed to vehic­u­lar traf­fic due to a washout, and snapped some photos
  • Went for a scout­ing dri­ve to Polo­nia, which I don’t think will be a venue for any astropho­tog­ra­phy (but is pret­ty pret­ty all the same)
  • Dis­cov­ered that, just because the cof­fee shop is closed, does­n’t mean I can’t park next to it and use its wifi to post this
  • How­ev­er, not hav­ing the café’s wifi pass­word is a bit of an imped­i­ment, so right now I’m using my phone’s data

And now I’m just hop­ing it won’t be quite so cloudy tonight. I’d like to get some more pho­tos of the comet.

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