The 2018 Halloween Tally

The Hal­loween tal­ly:

  • Mad sci­en­tist
  • 2 mem­bers of a motor­cy­cle gang
  • Nin­ja
  • Gyp­sy
  • Day of the Dead
  • Pirate
  • Ghost
  • 2 jail­birds

…for a total of 10 Hal­loween­ers. (Plus two par­ents, dressed as Mary Pop­pins and Ben, who did­n’t come close enough to get any can­dy.)

At judo: 0 kids. 5 adults. A nice qui­et evening of flash­cards and kata.

Hallowe’en 2017 count

Here’s the tal­ly for this year’s Hal­lowe’en­ers:

  • Mad sci­en­tist
  • Min­ion
  • 2‑year-old (approx.) in a bee cos­tume who was appar­ent­ly scared of me because I’m a stranger, and had to be con­vinced by her moth­er to accept a choco­late bar from me
  • Morty
  • Zom­bie banana (how­ev­er that works)
  • Princess
  • Witch
  • Vam­pire cat
  • Cow­boy in a snow­suit
  • Cat in a snow­suit
  • 3 more cow­boys
  • Ghoul with flash­ing red LED eyes that made him look like a dire Jawa
  • Jason Voorhees in a par­ka
  • Princess in a par­ka

First door­bell: 6:15 PM.

Last door­bell: 8:45 PM.

Left­over can­dy: suf­fi­cient but prob­a­bly not fatal.

The Hallowe’en Tally

Hallowe'en tally

For those that can’t read my scrawl:

  • But­ter­fly [A lit­tle girl in pur­ple. It was her first Hal­lowe’en, I’m guess­ing, since her mom was video­tap­ing the whole thing, and, as she walked away from my door, I heard her say, I got can­dy!]
  • Princess w/ par­ka [because this is Cana­da]
  • Bun­ny
  • Clown
  • Pup­py
  • Lion
  • Spi­der­man
  • Baby [ie, no cos­tume]
  • Par­ka-clad were­wolf
  • Spi­der-witch
  • Nerd [with a big wad of tape hold­ing her glass­es togeth­er at the nose — oh, the mem­o­ries]
  • Zom­bie
  • Bat­man
  • 2 witch­es
  • Black Queen [Spades? Clubs?]
  • Zom­bie
  • Blue Man
  • Bur­lesque Hat Gal [Could­n’t see much cos­tume — par­ka — but she had one one of those minia­ture top hats bur­lesque per­form­ers wear (fas­ci­na­tors?)]
  • Princess in par­ka
  • Creepy Clown
  • Zom­bie [These last two were quite a bit old­er — late teens — and showed up just before 9 o’clock]

At 9:45 PM I shut off the out­side lights and called it a night.

And now, if you’ll par­don me, there’s a Wun­der­bar with my name on it. Mmm­m­m­m­mm, left­over can­dy.