Hallowe’en 2017 count

Here’s the tal­ly for this year’s Hallowe’eners:

  • Mad sci­en­tist
  • Min­ion
  • 2‑year-old (approx.) in a bee cos­tume who was appar­ent­ly scared of me because I’m a stranger, and had to be con­vinced by her moth­er to accept a choco­late bar from me
  • Morty
  • Zom­bie banana (how­ev­er that works)
  • Princess
  • Witch
  • Vam­pire cat
  • Cow­boy in a snowsuit
  • Cat in a snowsuit
  • 3 more cowboys
  • Ghoul with flash­ing red LED eyes that made him look like a dire Jawa
  • Jason Voorhees in a parka
  • Princess in a parka

First door­bell: 6:15 PM.

Last door­bell: 8:45 PM.

Left­over can­dy: suf­fi­cient but prob­a­bly not fatal.