Frosty branches

It was a misty Man­i­to­ba morn­ing¹, but then the clouds cleared about 11 AM and the sun came out. I grabbed my cam­era and head­ed out at noon to see what I could see.

Which of these three do you pre­fer? I can’t choose.

¹ I hon­est­ly thought that was the name of the song, but I was wrong.

Frosty morning

Frost on the windows

Step­ping out to check the mail, I noticed the frost on the porch win­dow­panes, so I grabbed my camera.

I think I like it bet­ter in colour, but it’s hard to decide.

Frost on the windowsFrost on the windows (b&w)

Full size images: Col­or | Black & white

Nerdy details: 50mm, 1/4000s, f/1.8, ISO 100.


Frost on my windshield

My dar­ling wife called me on her way to work this morn­ing to say I should go out and take pic­tures of my car before the sun came out. I did­n’t get the mes­sage till 3½ hours lat­er, but for­tu­nate­ly the sky had been cloudy all morn­ing and the nifty frost pat­terns she’d noticed were still there.