Campfire Week

File Photo: Laundry

It was gor­geous out this week­end, sim­ply beau­ti­ful. Highs of 29°C Sat­ur­day and Sun­day. So I washed, like, all the laun­dry in my house and hung it on the line to dry on Saturday.

My neigh­bours decid­ed to have them­selves a fire in their back­yard fire pit, about an hour before I brought my laun­dry in.

Long sto­ry short, every shirt I put on now smells like camp­ing. Not that I’m complaining.


Out the back porch

The tem­per­a­ture has gone from ‑1°C to ‑30°C in some­thing less than 24 hours. My house is respond­ing by mak­ing alarm­ing crack­ing nois­es. I’m not enthused about walk­ing to work this morn­ing. Thank­ful­ly it’s only about 3 blocks.


The roads were dry, the side­walks clean, the lawns show­ing brown. Then we got a big dump of snow the oth­er day, and more today.


At least I have a Mex­i­co-themed par­ty to go to tonight.

Mexico Party

So I got myself an ear­ly start.