North Hill campus

ACC North Campus

I don’t recall ever being on ACC’s North Hill cam­pus since, well, since ACC took it over. On my ride today, I decid­ed to stop in and see the sights.

The main build­ing, pic­tured above, was part of the Bran­don Men­tal Health Cen­tre before the grounds were pur­chased by the Col­lege.

Behind that build­ing I found a love­ly lit­tle park-like space.

A small park behind the main building, with a lilac tree

Also back there was a chim­ney tow­er so tall it took three pho­tos to cap­ture it all, stitched togeth­er using hug­in.

A very tall chimney

I also found a sec­ondary build­ing where a cou­ple small trees appear to have tak­en root in the brick­work.

I was quite enam­oured of the shad­ows in the one pho­to, and I can’t decide if I pre­fer it in colour, or in black and white. What’s your pref­er­ence?

Trees growing on a ledge

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