Ottawa, Day 6

AWATTO - The OTTAWA sign from the back

We lazed around in the morn­ing, read­ing and what­not. Around 12:30 we head­ed out for lunch, walk­ing about a kilo­me­ter or so to Flo­ra Hall Brew­ing, where we shared a plough­man’s lunch and had a beer apiece. It was all delicious.

Then we head­ed out to the air­port, to pick up Susie. We took her down to the Byward Mar­ket for a birth­day choco­late feast, and then wan­dered around a bit, being touristy. Then we head­ed out of town, to Kana­ta, where the rest of the fam­i­ly is stay­ing at a hotel in prepa­ra­tion for Sun­day’s wed­ding. We met up with them for snacks and drinks, and then, feel­ing ridicu­lous­ly stuffed, we head­ed back down­town to our hotel.

Par­lia­ment, seen from across the river

Bed soon, and tomor­row we leave down­town Ottawa for the hotel in Kana­ta. Our vaca­tion draws near its end, but we’re start­ing to feel ready for it to be done, too.

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