Ottawa, Day 4

Reflected building

Today, we toured the Supreme Court…

  • Kathleen, with Parliament in the background
    While we wait­ed for our Supreme Court tour, we wan­dered around behind the build­ing, where there’s a love­ly view
  • Supreme Court
    The Supreme Court’s name engraved in marble
  • Supreme Court
    Because the Jus­tices are cur­rent­ly away, we got to enter the actu­al Supreme Court

…where I got to close the door in the actu­al Supreme Court, since I was the last to enter the courtroom.

Next we toured Rideau Hall, the offi­cial res­i­dence of the Gov­er­nor General.

  • Canadian flag at Rideau Hall
    The Cana­di­an flag at Rideau Hall, sig­ni­fy­ing that the Gov­er­nor Gen­er­al is not at home
  • Rideau Hall
    Rideau Hall
  • Painting of Michaëlle Jean
    Our tour guide talks about the paint­ing of Michaëlle Jean
  • Stained Glass
    Stained-glass win­dow at Rideau Hall. “The Arts engage and inspire us”

And then, because the day was­n’t full enough already, we went and spent a few hours in the War Museum.

  • Uniform
    Uni­form of Lt. A. T. Kines of Rob­lin, MB
  • Painting: "Carry On"
    Car­ry On: LCol Dwayne Kevin Hobbs, CO of The Toron­to Scot­tish Reg­i­ment” by Gertrude Kerns
  • View of the Peace Tower
    There’s a spot in the War Muse­um where you can see the Peace Tow­er at Parliament

Then we had sup­per and went back to the hotel, where Kath­leen is cur­rent­ly asleep and I don’t think I’m going to last much longer.

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