Ottawa, Day 2

This morn­ing we went on a cou­ple of Par­lia­men­tary tours. First we checked out the Sen­ate, in their tem­po­rary loca­tion (where they’ll be for the next 10 years or so, while Cen­tre Block is renovated).

Then we head­ed over and toured the West Block, where the House of Com­mons will be housed for the next 10 years, in a roofed-over courtyard.

  • Senate door
    The orig­i­nal Sen­ate door, trans­ferred to the tem­po­rary location
  • Senate chamber panorama
    Sen­ate cham­ber panorama
  • Gildas Molgat
    A por­trait of Gildas Mol­gat, a sen­a­tor from my home town.
  • Queen Elizabeth II
    A por­trait of the Queen in the Sen­ate foyer
  • House of Commons
    House of Commons

We lunched at Café Bib­lio­thèque in the base­ment of our hotel. We nev­er man­aged to get there the last time we were here. It was all right.

Then we went to the Cana­da Sci­ence & Tech­nol­o­gy Muse­um, but I did­n’t take any pho­tos there. It was a worth­while vis­it. That’s #2 of our three-muse­um pass. Tomor­row, I think we’ll end up at the Muse­um of History.

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