Ottawa, day 3

We got mov­ing late, and went down to the Byward Mar­ket for a quick brunch at Le Moulin de Provence. We shared a cheese crois­sant, a fruit-and-custard–covered Dan­ish, and a cookie.

After that, we head­ed off to the Cana­di­an Muse­um of His­to­ry, where we spent four hours or more. I did­n’t real­ly take any photos.

(Amus­ing anec­dote, though: The nation­al muse­ums in Ottawa and Gatineau have this deal where you can buy a “muse­um pass­port”: $35 for any three muse­ums, so long as you vis­it them with­in three days. The His­to­ry muse­um was going to be our final entry in this passport.

So, as we were cross­ing the bridge to Gatineau, Kath­leen asked if I had my pass­port. I gave her A Look and said, “No,” assum­ing she was being fun­ny, since we were cross­ing over into Quebec.

She pro­ceed­ed to give me A Look as well, and I real­ized that, no, she meant the muse­um pass­port. “Oh,” I said, feel­ing a bit fool­ish. “Yeah, I have that passport.”

OK, maybe you had to be there.)

On the way back, we stopped in at the Mill St. Brew­pub and had a fan­tas­tic, and fill­ing, sup­per. And then back to the hotel.

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