Flickrblogging — “The Disappointment” (IMG_3280)

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Lat­er, in the bar

Dude, why did you inter­view him?”

C’mon, John­ny, don’t you know who that was? Did­n’t you rec­og­nize him?”


John­ny, that was the Green Gob­lin! What a scoop!”



Dave, that was­n’t the Green Gob­lin. That was some guy in a green mask.”


Yeah. Seri­ous­ly.”

Aw crap, man, that’s like eighty bucks worth of tape I used. That’s gonna come out of my salary.” [Drinks a shot of whiskey] “Heh, you’re just yankin’ my chain, sure. That was the Green Gob­lin. I’ll be fine.”

No, Dave, that was some guy in a mask. Dude, you’re a lit­tle too cred­u­lous, you have to work on that.”

What­ev­er. I sup­pose you’re gonna tell me that ain’t Wolver­ine that was tend­ing bar, too, right?”

Dave, that’s just a guy who needs to trim his fingernails.”

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