Flickrblogging — “The Disappointment” (IMG_3280)

Discovered in‘s Flickr photostream.

Later, in the bar

“Dude, why did you interview him?”

“C’mon, Johnny, don’t you know who that was? Didn’t you recognize him?”


“Johnny, that was the Green Goblin! What a scoop!”



“Dave, that wasn’t the Green Goblin. That was some guy in a green mask.”


“Yeah. Seriously.”

“Aw crap, man, that’s like eighty bucks worth of tape I used. That’s gonna come out of my salary.” [Drinks a shot of whiskey] “Heh, you’re just yankin’ my chain, sure. That was the Green Goblin. I’ll be fine.”

“No, Dave, that was some guy in a mask. Dude, you’re a little too credulous, you have to work on that.”

“Whatever. I suppose you’re gonna tell me that ain’t Wolverine that was tending bar, too, right?”

“Dave, that’s just a guy who needs to trim his fingernails.”

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