13 things to do with tomatoes


  1. Eat ’em with a little salt and pepper.
  2. Make a sandwich.
  3. Make salsa.
  4. Make soup.
  5. Make salad.
  6. Make pasta sauce.
  7. Take photos of ’em.
  8. Fail to come up with something clever for #8.
  9. Throw ’em at people you don’t like.
  10. Perform divination based on the patterns of their seeds.
  11. Dye cotton.
  12. Make ketchup.
  13. Repeat list, because you planted a dozen plants and they’re all doing incredibly, stupidly well.

7 thoughts on “13 things to do with tomatoes

  1. from the great guy clark:

    nothin’ that i like better for dinner
    than bacon, and lettuce
    and home grown tomatoes
    up in the morning i go out to my garden
    get me a ripe one i don’t want a hard’n
    plant ’em in the spring
    and i eat ’em all summer
    wintertime without ’em is a culinary bummer
    i forget about the sweatin’ and diggin’
    everytime i up and get me a big’un
    home grown tomatoes
    home grown tomatoes
    what would life be without home grown tomatoes
    there’s just two things that money can’t buy
    that’s true love and some
    home grown tomatoes

    life is hard honey that’s for sure
    ain’t nothing that the home grown tomato can’t cure
    put ’em in a salad, put ’em in a stew
    you can make your own tomato juice
    eat ’em with eggs, eat ’em with gravy
    eat ’em with beans, pinto or navy
    put ’em on the side, put ’em in the middle
    put them home grown tomatoes on the hot cake griddle

    home grown tomatoes. . .

    one of the reasons i keep a truck patch even though i hates me some gardening.

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