13 things to do with tomatoes


  1. Eat ’em with a lit­tle salt and pepper.
  2. Make a sandwich.
  3. Make sal­sa.
  4. Make soup.
  5. Make sal­ad.
  6. Make pas­ta sauce.
  7. Take pho­tos of ’em.
  8. Fail to come up with some­thing clever for #8.
  9. Throw ’em at peo­ple you don’t like.
  10. Per­form div­ina­tion based on the pat­terns of their seeds.
  11. Dye cot­ton.
  12. Make ketchup.
  13. Repeat list, because you plant­ed a dozen plants and they’re all doing incred­i­bly, stu­pid­ly well.

7 thoughts on “13 things to do with tomatoes

  1. Sal­sa rules the roost. One sum­mer I lived on sal­sa for about a month — that was the last time I had a toma­to crop this big. Mmmmm.…

  2. from the great guy clark:

    noth­in’ that i like bet­ter for dinner
    than bacon, and lettuce
    and home grown tomatoes
    up in the morn­ing i go out to my garden
    get me a ripe one i don’t want a hard’n
    plant ’em in the spring
    and i eat ’em all summer
    win­ter­time with­out ’em is a culi­nary bummer
    i for­get about the sweatin’ and diggin’
    every­time i up and get me a big’un
    home grown tomatoes
    home grown tomatoes
    what would life be with­out home grown tomatoes
    there’s just two things that mon­ey can’t buy
    that’s true love and some
    home grown tomatoes

    life is hard hon­ey that’s for sure
    ain’t noth­ing that the home grown toma­to can’t cure
    put ’em in a sal­ad, put ’em in a stew
    you can make your own toma­to juice
    eat ’em with eggs, eat ’em with gravy
    eat ’em with beans, pin­to or navy
    put ’em on the side, put ’em in the middle
    put them home grown toma­toes on the hot cake griddle

    home grown tomatoes…

    one of the rea­sons i keep a truck patch even though i hates me some gardening.

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