Weird thirteen

thursday 13

13 weird things that I enjoy:

  1. Primus. I first heard Tom­my the Cat on the sound­track to Bill and Ted’s Bogus Jour­ney, and I was instant­ly hooked.
  2. Crushed-up soup crack­ers in choco­late pud­ding lends that need­ed extra crunch.
  3. How I miss Freaka­zoid.
  4. Top of the Food Chain–one of the fun­ni­est spoofs of Gold­en Age SF movies ever. Set in Excep­tion­al Vista, which ain’t been right ever since the nut fac­to­ry closed down.
  5. Ter­ror of Tiny Town–not the movie, which I’ve yet to see, but the now-defunct punk­ish band from Van­cou­ver, so obscure I can’t even find ’em on Google. They had a delight­ful pol­ka (with accor­dion!) called “Kim Phil­by”:

    Now Phil­by and his friends, Lloyd, Burgess, and McLean
    They were the upper-class pride and joy
    Bri­tan­nia nev­er sus­pect­ed until they defected
    She’d get screwed by a pub­lic-school boy

  6. I’ve always enjoyed walk­ing back­wards. I don’t know why. As a youth I prac­ticed doing it till I did­n’t have to con­stant­ly look over my shoul­der. It’s kind of handy in judo, so I guess it all worked out.
  7. Some­one Comes to Town, Some­one Leaves Town is eas­i­ly the weird­est nov­el I’ve ever read. I enjoyed it, too. As opposed to Doug, who seems to have dis­liked it for some of the rea­sons I liked it. Oh well. Dif­f’rent strokes etc.
  8. The Nature of Nicholas was one of the creepi­est movies I’ve ever enjoyed. Not hor­ror, not com­plete­ly, but sur­re­al in a crawly way.
  9. I’m a fan of ety­mol­o­gy, and so when my sis­ter and her fam­i­ly bought me The Oxford Dic­tio­nary of Word His­to­ries, I was beside myself. My wife just kind of rolled her eyes.
  10. I don’t real­ly care much for the myths of Rome and Greece, but I’m huge­ly inter­est­ed in the myths of the north. I sup­pose that’s not so weird…
  11. Jesus Christ: Vam­pire Hunter, a weird and off­beat lit­tle film from Ottawa. Best line: “If I’m not out in five min­utes, call the Pope.” (Although my wife’s par­tial to the Vir­gin Mary’s line: “Les­bians, God love them. They get so much done in a day.”)
  12. Leaf let­tuce, straight from the gar­den, rinsed and then sprin­kled oh-so-light­ly with sug­ar, is delicious.
  13. And the last one, inher­it­ed from my father: French toast with but­ter, salt and pep­per, and straw­ber­ry jam. I always assumed this lit­tle gour­mandic odd­i­ty came from the Welsh side of his fam­i­ly tree, but no; appar­ent­ly he start­ed eat­ing it that way up in the north so no one else would try to steal it off his plate. Who knew?

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  1. Def­i­nite­ly dif­fer­ent strokes as regards Some­body comes to town. I’m still WTF on that one.

    Jesus Christ: Vam­pire Hunter — THAT I have to see.

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