Flicrkblogging — Practice Run

Dis­cov­ered in Charkrem’s Flickr photostream. 

The place was emp­ty. Four AM on a Tues­day, even the clean­ing staff was MIA, prob­a­bly drink­ing cof­fee down by the book­store or something.

Zelda–her real name was Jen­nifer, but for Hal­lowe’en, she went by Zelda–tested the lines, swung them one at a time to make sure none of them were tan­gled, tugged them to test their strength. Satisi­fied, she strad­dled the broom­stick, straight­ened her cape and point­ed black hat with one hand, and took a run­ning start.

Leap­ing over the glass wall, she soared above the mal­l’s courtyard.

Yeah, she thought, swing­ing in a wide lazy cir­cle, the lines taut and invis­i­ble, this’ll make the kids sit up and take notice tomorrow.

It was almost Hallowe’en.

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