Flicrkblogging — Practice Run

Discovered in Charkrem‘s Flickr photostream.

The place was empty. Four AM on a Tuesday, even the cleaning staff was MIA, probably drinking coffee down by the bookstore or something.

Zelda–her real name was Jennifer, but for Hallowe’en, she went by Zelda–tested the lines, swung them one at a time to make sure none of them were tangled, tugged them to test their strength. Satisified, she straddled the broomstick, straightened her cape and pointed black hat with one hand, and took a running start.

Leaping over the glass wall, she soared above the mall’s courtyard.

Yeah, she thought, swinging in a wide lazy circle, the lines taut and invisible, this’ll make the kids sit up and take notice tomorrow.

It was almost Hallowe’en.

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