Flickrblogging — 0382

Dis­cov­ered in coisoin­t­er­rompi­do’s Flickr photostream. 

When Dia­po­si­tios the archi­tect opened his eyes, his jaw dropped open.

You like it, then,” said Coroloios the builder.

It’s just like I imag­ined it,” said Dia­po­si­tios. “There’s only one lit­tle detail you changed, I think.”


Dia­po­si­tios turned to Coroloios. “Yes.” He took Coroloios’s col­lars in his hands and drew him close. “The horse”–his voice ris­ing in volume–“was sup­posed”–and a fire lit his eyes–“to have wheels!

For what?” said Coroloios.

Dia­po­si­tios did­n’t reply, just glared into the builder’s eyes from bare inch­es away.

–oh. Oh, now I get it,” said Coroloios.

* * *

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