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William Gibson’s autobiography is an interesting piece of writing, detailing how and why he became a writer. I re-read this today, and it made me happy.

Google me and you can learn that I do it all on a manual typewriter, something that hasn’t been true since 1985, but which makes such an easy hook for a lazy journalist that I expect to be reading it for the rest of my life. I only used a typewriter because that was what everyone used in 1977, and it was manual because that was what I happened to have been able to get, for free.

Also, if you haven’t read his poem Agrippa, you really should. In my humble opinion, anyway.

Anyways, I’ve got family in town. See ya later!

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  1. Blogger’s killing me. Well, it’s killing all of us on Blogger, but me especially. I downloaded WordPress2.0 and opened the Read Me file. So far so good. “Installation: Famous 5-minute Install.” I like the sound of that. 1. Unzip the package in empty directory. Check. 2. Open up wp-config-sample.php with a text editor, yatta yatta. Check. whoops: and fill in your datablase connection details.

    Whaaaat? Where do I find these “details”? What’s MySQL?

    Email me, please! Oh — and thanks much for helping Blue Gal. She’s a sweetie, and she won’t forget the favor (nor will I).

  2. I think I’m okay now (and isn’t that 3/4 of the battle?)

    I’ve coughed up the $ to let BlueHost host me. WordPress installs automatically (done!) and supposedly, I should be able to export my blogger blog to WordPress. We’ll see about that part. For now, I think I’ll put up a link forwarding folks to the new site (once it’s up).

    I’m so glad I don’t have to fret about the $ to get hosting for two years. If I did, I’d have to figure out how to do all of this the hard (but free) way.

  3. WordPress will definitely import all your Blogger posts — that’s how I got mine all up and running. I think it was a simple matter of entering your username and password, and letting WordPress do the rest.

    You’ll have to get me your new URL.


  4. Here’s the link. I’m cut-and-pasting my friends’ links one at a time. Maybe there’s a shortcut, but I can’t find it.

    Tomorrow, I’ll risk importing my blogger posts, and I’ll try to figure out how to customize my template. (Any tips on that last bit?)

  5. Pat, I’m using the “classic” theme, one of the two WordPress offers. I could be happy with it if only I could change the font. I like YOUR font, for example. I hate my font. I’m having a devil of a time changing it. I tried messing with the style.css file, but it doesn’t seem to change anything.

    One other thing I don’t understand: every time I refresh my page, my blogroll is scrambled into a different order. I can’t tell you how much this bugs the crap out of me. I want it ALPHABETICAL, damn it, but barring that, I’ll be happy if it just doesn’t effin change every effin time I reload the page.

    But I’d be delighted if you could walk me through changing the font. I’ll deal with the rest some other time.

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