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William Gib­son’s auto­bi­og­ra­phy is an inter­est­ing piece of writ­ing, detail­ing how and why he became a writer. I re-read this today, and it made me happy.

Google me and you can learn that I do it all on a man­u­al type­writer, some­thing that has­n’t been true since 1985, but which makes such an easy hook for a lazy jour­nal­ist that I expect to be read­ing it for the rest of my life. I only used a type­writer because that was what every­one used in 1977, and it was man­u­al because that was what I hap­pened to have been able to get, for free.

Also, if you haven’t read his poem Agrip­pa, you real­ly should. In my hum­ble opin­ion, anyway.

Any­ways, I’ve got fam­i­ly in town. See ya later!

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  1. Blog­ger’s killing me. Well, it’s killing all of us on Blog­ger, but me espe­cial­ly. I down­loaded WordPress2.0 and opened the Read Me file. So far so good. “Instal­la­tion: Famous 5‑minute Install.” I like the sound of that. 1. Unzip the pack­age in emp­ty direc­to­ry. Check. 2. Open up wp-config-sample.php with a text edi­tor, yat­ta yat­ta. Check. whoops: and fill in your dat­a­blase con­nec­tion details.

    Whaaaat? Where do I find these “details”? What’s MySQL?

    Email me, please! Oh — and thanks much for help­ing Blue Gal. She’s a sweet­ie, and she won’t for­get the favor (nor will I).

  2. I think I’m okay now (and isn’t that 3/4 of the battle?)

    I’ve coughed up the $ to let Blue­Host host me. Word­Press installs auto­mat­i­cal­ly (done!) and sup­pos­ed­ly, I should be able to export my blog­ger blog to Word­Press. We’ll see about that part. For now, I think I’ll put up a link for­ward­ing folks to the new site (once it’s up).

    I’m so glad I don’t have to fret about the $ to get host­ing for two years. If I did, I’d have to fig­ure out how to do all of this the hard (but free) way.

  3. Word­Press will def­i­nite­ly import all your Blog­ger posts — that’s how I got mine all up and run­ning. I think it was a sim­ple mat­ter of enter­ing your user­name and pass­word, and let­ting Word­Press do the rest.

    You’ll have to get me your new URL.


  4. Here’s the link. I’m cut-and-past­ing my friends’ links one at a time. Maybe there’s a short­cut, but I can’t find it.

    Tomor­row, I’ll risk import­ing my blog­ger posts, and I’ll try to fig­ure out how to cus­tomize my tem­plate. (Any tips on that last bit?)

  5. Pat, I’m using the “clas­sic” theme, one of the two Word­Press offers. I could be hap­py with it if only I could change the font. I like YOUR font, for exam­ple. I hate my font. I’m hav­ing a dev­il of a time chang­ing it. I tried mess­ing with the style.css file, but it does­n’t seem to change anything.

    One oth­er thing I don’t under­stand: every time I refresh my page, my blogroll is scram­bled into a dif­fer­ent order. I can’t tell you how much this bugs the crap out of me. I want it ALPHABETICAL, damn it, but bar­ring that, I’ll be hap­py if it just does­n’t effin change every effin time I reload the page.

    But I’d be delight­ed if you could walk me through chang­ing the font. I’ll deal with the rest some oth­er time.

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