Yum yum yum

My wife found a recipe for roast­ed veg­etable and chick­en chili in last mon­th’s Chate­laine mag­a­zine. We made it for sup­per tonight. Makes a lot–I had to trans­fer the onion-toma­to-bean com­bo to a stock pot just to have room in the pan to cook the chicken–and oh my word does it ever taste good. We served it up with sour cream, sal­sa, green onions, and some grat­ed cheese. Six peo­ple ate from the pot–a cou­ple with very hearty appetites–and there’s still near­ly six cups of chili left. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Cake Slice We also had cake. My wife’s birth­day was a cou­ple weeks ago, and my broth­er-in-law brought over a Safe­way cake. It’s kind of a stu­pid tra­di­tion that he and I have to try and eat mon­strous pieces of Safe­way cake. So we did. My dar­ling wife (whose new nick­name is The Enabler) cut us each a sixth of the cake.Tasty Pho­tos will come lat­er, once I’ve tak­en them off the cam­era, but for now, rest assured that the cake is all gone. All. Gone. Two lay­ers, ten eight inch­es diam­e­ter, half-inch-thick icing… I think my bro-in-law almost died, but after a quick break, he was back to fin­ish off his piece. Sug­ar shock, hell yeah.

Then we played cards, and then every­one petered out and went home, and here I am doing up a blog post. I’m almost done, I think. Ok, I’m done.

Inter­est­ed in prints of my pho­tos? Let me know, and we can work some­thing out.

One thought on “Yum yum yum

  1. Sounds won­der­ful, Pat. (That chili — I’d have to scale it down 1/3!)

    We haven’t had card­play­ing friends since med school. We played bridge, most­ly, but some pok­er, too. We’ve had a dev­il of a time mak­ing friends in this com­mu­ni­ty, and none of ’em play cards.

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