Yum yum yum

My wife found a recipe for roasted vegetable and chicken chili in last month’s Chatelaine magazine. We made it for supper tonight. Makes a lot–I had to transfer the onion-tomato-bean combo to a stock pot just to have room in the pan to cook the chicken–and oh my word does it ever taste good. We served it up with sour cream, salsa, green onions, and some grated cheese. Six people ate from the pot–a couple with very hearty appetites–and there’s still nearly six cups of chili left. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Cake Slice We also had cake. My wife’s birthday was a couple weeks ago, and my brother-in-law brought over a Safeway cake. It’s kind of a stupid tradition that he and I have to try and eat monstrous pieces of Safeway cake. So we did. My darling wife (whose new nickname is The Enabler) cut us each a sixth of the cake.Tasty Photos will come later, once I’ve taken them off the camera, but for now, rest assured that the cake is all gone. All. Gone. Two layers, ten eight inches diameter, half-inch-thick icing… I think my bro-in-law almost died, but after a quick break, he was back to finish off his piece. Sugar shock, hell yeah.

Then we played cards, and then everyone petered out and went home, and here I am doing up a blog post. I’m almost done, I think. Ok, I’m done.

One thought on “Yum yum yum

  1. Sounds wonderful, Pat. (That chili — I’d have to scale it down 1/3!)

    We haven’t had cardplaying friends since med school. We played bridge, mostly, but some poker, too. We’ve had a devil of a time making friends in this community, and none of ’em play cards.

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