Movie weekend

I saw six movies this weekend…

In chronological order:

Fantastic Four–not so fantastic.
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy–enjoyed it about as much as the first time I saw it (which is to say, a fair amount).
Water–Heart-wrenching and very well done.
Everything Is Illuminated–I want to see this again. By turns hilarious and poignant.
Underworld Evolution–Like my friend said, they didn’t do anything new this time out, but the costume was still fantastic.
Equilibrium–It really, really wants to be The Matrix, but it isn’t quite.

More details on a couple of these later. Right now I’m tired. G’night.

2 thoughts on “Movie weekend

  1. I liked the story of Equilibrium and would have enjoyed it more with a little stronger funding. That said I thought Christian Bale was fantastic in it. James Lileks first turned me on to it.

  2. The story was interesting, and I agree that Christian Bale played the role well, but there was just something missing from it, for me. Maybe it was just a question of lack of money. It probably didn’t help that my wife was watching with me, and we were kind of making Mystery Science Theater 3000 snarky comments…

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