Siding (3)

It nev­er ends.

Today: we rent­ed scaf­fold­ing. We’ve got the front done, the south side done, the back done, and the north side about ½ done. (And when I say done, I mean cov­ered in white foam insu­la­tion to a depth of two inch­es.) (Well, one inch on the south side.)

The sid­ing? Promised today. Did­n’t show up. It’s some­where in town, though. Tomor­row AM I’m going to call and yell at my sales­guy some more. Nev­er doing busi­ness there again.

Yes­ter­day was our eighth anniver­sary. K’s parents—my par­ents are already here, help­ing with the siding—came out and we all sat down to a roast beast sup­per. Mmmm… mashed pota­toes and gravy…

Then we had a rous­ing game of yatzhe, which I got my butt kicked at, and some Blew It, which I got kicked at too.

And that was that.