Siding (2)

  • Sid­ing is ordered. Should be here tomor­row or Wednesday.
  • Got the whole house wrapped eight feet high in one-inch foam board. Tomor­row: the sec­ond lev­el, I guess.

In the news—Bri­an Mul­roney is the great­est self-pro­mot­ing mega­lo­ma­ni­ac since Sir John A. MacDonald:

his lega­cy as the great­est prime min­is­ter since John A. Macdonald.

Dear BM, there’s a rea­son that Will Fer­gu­son put you in both cat­e­gories in his ground­break­ing work Bas­tards and Bone­heads, which, for those of you that don’t know, is a sur­vey of Canada’s prime min­is­ters, one which points out that every prime min­is­ter we’ve had since 1867 was either a bas­tard or a bonehead.

Tonight at judo: Me and X (yes, that’s her real ini­tial) did some lazy uchi-komi, then I stretched out her arms with waki-gatame and ude-hishi­gi-juji-gatame. Then I came home and came with­in two points of get­ting skunked at crib by my wife and my mother.

Lat­er, Jetsons!

3 thoughts on “Siding (2)

  1. Had­n’t heard about that one, but here’s what we were dis­cussing just last night: A pop­u­lar com­e­dy show called This Hour Has 22 Min­utes* actu­al­ly ambush­es our politi­cians on a semi-reg­u­lar basis, and for the most part, the politi­cians play along. For instance, Jean Chré­tien, our pre­vi­ous PM, was pre­sent­ed with an award from 22 Min­utes for “Longest Act­ing in a Polit­i­cal Role”, dur­ing a press con­fer­ence, and he gave an accep­tance speech (“I’d like to thank my mom, and my dad…and my maquilleur**”). Try doing that to your Pres­i­dent. You’d be dead before you hit the ground…

    * Named after an old week­ly news-in-review pro­gram called This Hour Has 7 Days, and the fact that CBC’s nation­al news pro­gram, The Nation­al, was 22 min­utes long.

    ** Make­up artist, en français.

  2. Our Pres­i­dent only meets with folks who have been pre-screened and strip-searched. It amazes me that that doc was able to tell Cheney to fuck him­self. What hap­pened to the screening?

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