Siding (4)

So. Sid­ing arrived at about 8AM. Insu­la­tion on the north wall pro­ceeds apace. We need about two more full sheets on the sec­ond lay­er (we’re achiev­ing 2‑inch foam by using 2 lay­ers of 1‑inch foam, off­set at the seams to dis­suade wind), then we can take down the scaf­fold­ing and get start­ed on actu­al­ly putting up the sid­ing. The end’s not in sight yet, but it’s actu­al­ly start­ing to look like we might fin­ish this job.

Mmmm, sup­per­time. Got­ta fly!

Lat­er—So yeah. My father spent most of his day up the scaf­fold­ing, mea­sur­ing and nail­ing, while I was on the ground, serv­ing as sawyer. We’ve got a cus­tom-ground jig­saw blade to cut the foam, and it works a treat, let me tell you.

I got pret­ty good at slic­ing and dic­ing the insu­la­tion, if I do say so myself. Most of the pieces fit nice and snug, and there were some com­pli­cat­ed shapes, thanks to win­dows and the occa­sion­al board not hang­ing quite square and true.

My feet hurt. It’s been a long time since I’ve spent this much time each day on my feet, and I can tell.