on to the next one

Reject­ed. Again. F&SF does­n’t want “Out­side, Look­ing In”. So… who’s next? Per­haps I’ll shoot for Inter­zone. (Actu­al­ly, I think I will.)

I’ll post more lat­er this week­end. I have fam­i­ly in town, so I should hang out with them.

3 thoughts on “on to the next one

  1. Who does, Inter­zone or F&SF? I’ve sent to the Inter­zone August email; they’re try­ing out get­ting sto­ries by email this month. Just FYI.

  2. F&SF usu­al­ly gives me a 4 week turn­around on rejec­tions — some­times a lot faster. I think I’ve only sent one sto­ry to Inter­zone, and that’s when they only took snail sub­mis­sions. LONG turn­around there. Nice that they’re accept­ing e‑subs!

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