Wednesday Night Geekery

First off: <geek>Duh. chmod.</geek>

Sor­ry. I was strug­gling with a PHP script that was sup­posed to upload an image to a serv­er. It would upload fine, but then it would­n’t allow me to copy the file from the tem­po­rary loca­tion to the loca­tion where I want­ed it. It was throw­ing an error relat­ed to per­mis­sions. Tonight I got the bright idea to set the direc­to­ry’s per­mis­sions (using the delight­ful­ly arcane *nix com­mand chmod, for change mode) so that the direc­to­ry’s own­er and group had write per­mis­sions. Boy howdy, what­taya­know, it worked.

Sor­ry, that’s still a lit­tle geeky, isn’t it.

Well, it’s things like that that have tak­en up the last cou­ple hours of my life. chmod this, track down that miss­ing }, try to fig­ure out if I’ve closed all my open brack­ets (not that PHP will leave me guess­ing, no, it’ll throw errors quite happily).

But now, I think, most of the hard part is done. There’s one more major sec­tion to do, and I hope I can get it done this week some­time. Then I can get back to work on my NiP. (After I crit the entries in Kei­th’s SF chal­lenge, that is.)

Every­body havin’ fun out there?

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Night Geekery

  1. What’s geeki­est about that is that you found a hard way to do some­thing that I can do with three or four mouse clicks. Yay Pat!

    Reminds me of when I learned Basic in junior high. I wrote a twen­ty or thir­ty step pro­gram to add, sub­tract, mul­ti­ply, or divide two num­bers. Then I looked at it and thought, WTF? But then, that was back when a com­put­er filled its own room.

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