Snug harbor

So the Shut­tle is down safe­ly. I can’t help feel­ing that the media are some­how sub­tly dis­ap­point­ed. Tragedy seems to be “bet­ter” news than joy…

I did a few hun­dred words in my NiP last night. Not any­where near as many as I’d’ve liked to, though. It just was­n’t flowin’. Hope­ful­ly it’ll be bet­ter tonight; I’m done one chap­ter and on to the next one.

2 thoughts on “Snug harbor

  1. Dil­bert: “That’s the sin­gle most cyn­i­cal thing I’ve ever heard.”
    Dog­bert: “Thanks. I’m blushing.”

    It’s evil, no ques­tion, but it’s not some­thing I’d put past them either…

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