Lightning in the clouds

After this after­noon’s storm had most­ly moved on, I set up my cam­era upstairs. In about 1500 pho­tos, I got one good shot of lightning.

2 sec­ond expo­sure, ISO 100, 24mm, f/22 (as high as my cam­era would let me go), with a polar­iz­er and a neu­tral-den­si­ty fil­ter on the lens.

Here’s a video, too, of about 40 min­utes’ worth of storm clouds rolling through, con­densed into 44 sec­onds or so.

Light show


Last night, about 11:30 PM, I set up my cam­era in the spare room upstairs, to try and catch some light­ning dur­ing the storm.

The head­er image above is a com­pos­ite of about 15 frames where I cap­tured light­ning bolts. Below are two of the indi­vid­ual frames.

And here’s a video of the whole show (10s frames at 6 frames a sec­ond means that one sec­ond of video rep­re­sents one minute of real time).