A soundtrack for tearing down a garage

As we fin­ished up, my phone’s ran­dom­iz­er deliv­ered Corb Lund’s song “Hard on Equip­ment”, which seemed appro­pri­ate, giv­en it reminds my wife of me and reminds me of my dad.

I had my phone play­ing music through­out the week, and it deliv­ered some gems:

Good times.

What a difference another day makes

The squirrel checks out the dumpster

Anoth­er day, anoth­er bunch of garage demolition.

Above: the fore­man checks the dump­ster’s contents.

Below: some more com­par­i­son photos

The garage with its roof down

And begin­ning to end.

The garage, roof still intact

There’s still some work to do—mostly cleanup—but we got a lot done in a few days. Huge thanks to Kevin, who lent his exper­tise, his mus­cles, and his chain­saw to the removal of the roof.

After, I sat in the yard and took a few more art­sy photos.

A baby tree and a power line
A baby tree and a pow­er line
A puffy little cloud
A puffy lit­tle cloud
The branches straight above our yard
I’m gonna miss those branch­es when they’re gone

What a difference a day makes

Our foreman

Above: our fore­man, the per­pet­u­al­ly-angry Angry Squir­rel, who’s los­ing a safe hid­ing spot for all the pine cones he’s collected.

Below: before-and-after pho­tos of the roof going down on our garage.

The garage, roof still intactThe garage with its roof down

Smashy smashy!