Godspeed, Ron

The sign for Kalbergs' Värmland Farm

We got a call on Thurs­day evening, late; lat­er than Kath­leen’s mom Mary usu­al­ly calls.

My father-in-law, Ron, died sud­den­ly on Thurs­day. He’d gone out to clear some bro­ken branch­es out of the brush, and he did­n’t come back in. Mary found him by the trac­tor.

Ron’s obit­u­ary

We spent the week­end out at the farm. On Sun­day, I went out in the yard and on the road, and took a few pho­tos, as is my way.

Sign for the Conservation Corner contributed by Ron & Mary
Con­ser­va­tion Farm
The Halfway Tree between Brandon and Winnipeg, viewed from the east side
Every­one’s favourite: the Halfway Tree
A panorama of the yard at the farm, with a tree on the right side
An attempt­ed panora­ma of part of the yard

As Kath­leen said—and I agree 100%—at least he died doing what he loved: being mad at a tree.


We went and watched my nephew’s team play some vol­ley­ball this week­end. Did you know that kick­ing the ball is allowed nowa­days?

Also, in unre­lat­ed news, appar­ent­ly I’m old now.

(Aside: I just searched unsplash.com for “vol­ley­ball”, look­ing for a suit­able head­er image, and I was frankly sur­prised at how many motor­cy­cles and surf­boards it turned up.)