Writing Retreat 2022: Monday

I had me some cof­fee and some break­fast, then got to work. I got a bit over 2,200 words today in two writ­ing stints (morn­ing and after­noon), which put me over the 35,000-word mark. I fin­ished off the last six chap­ters of The Book of the New Sun (which was a lot clear­er to me on a sec­ond read; Michael-Andre Drius­si’s Lex­i­con Urthus was a huge help, too) and the final chap­ter of Fugi­tive Teleme­try, the lat­est of the Mur­der­bot novel­las by Martha Wells.

I ven­tured down to the Dari Isle and had take­out for sup­per. Their din­ing room is closed at the moment, but that’s all right. I enjoyed their chick­en fin­gers and par­fait in the com­fort of the cab­in. Then I start­ed my re-read of Catch-22 and—since the sky was cloud­ed over—fell asleep about midnight.


This is from one of the rewrit­ten palimpses­ts, titled “Low Key and the Ice”. It’s very first draft, and may change entire­ly in the final form.

The trick­ster and the drag­on met for the last time on an icy plain.

It was not the nat­ur­al home for either of them; the trick­ster came from shin­ing halls walled in gold, or at least he’d tell you if you chanced to ask that that was his home, as his father—one of his fathers, the one he claimed when he felt a need to prove his worth—had built it when the worlds were young. He was too caught up in the idea of his own her­it­ed nobil­i­ty to admit where he real­ly lived, which was, these late days, in exile among the rab­ble, those who died and did­n’t return.

The drag­on’s home was the seabord, where her innate fire com­plet­ed the four ele­ments (water, earth, and air being pro­vid­ed by the ocean, strand, and sky, of course) and brought them into, if not har­mo­ny, at least an uneasy balance.

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