Writing Retreat 2022: Goals

Minnedosa in the fog

This year I’m at a cab­in with no wifi, so my posts will be spo­radic. I’m hop­ing to bor­row the cof­fee shop’s wifi, as I have in the past, but we’ll see. (Update: I’m using the cof­fee shop’s wifi, all right.)

Any­way: I’m at Minnedosa for the week. I arrived at the cab­in Sun­day night, got unpacked, and fell into bed.

Here’s what I’m hop­ing to accom­plish this week:

  • write at least 10,000 words in “Dried Flow­ers”, my cur­rent novella/novel project. Stretch goal: hit 50,000 words (right now it’s sit­ting at 35,000 and a bit).
  • get some astropho­tog­ra­phy done. The fore­cast calls for a cou­ple of clear nights lat­er in the week. I’m hop­ing to get the Milky Way and—if the sun should oblige—some aurora.
  • read some books. I brought The Book of the New Sun, Catch-22, The Secrets of Judo, and Fugi­tive Teleme­try, and I’ve got a few oth­ers saved on my phone if those aren’t enough. (In fair­ness, when I arrived I had 6 chap­ters left in BotNS and one chap­ter in FT, so those are kind of a gimme.)
  • ride my bike
  • go kayak­ing
  • relax

Here’s to a good week!

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