Apprenticeship Reading

Since January, I’ve been mentoring two sixteen-year-old apprentices, Becky & Tanner, in creative writing under a program by ACI. It’s been a great time, and we’ve covered a lot of ground: character development, world-building, plot outlining, essay writing, the whole copyright / licensing / Creative Commons imbroglio, editing, taxes and what you can legitimately claim, infinite libraries, and a pile of other topics.

Today, we held a small friends-and-family reading. I read my short story Exit Interview, Becky read a 2nd-person short story (“The Great Ant Race”) and a snippet from her novel-in-progress The Cigám Triad, and Tanner gave a presentation titled “Why the Education System Sucks”, which was about the difference between interest and passion, and how the education system needs a revolution to nurture the latter.

It was a great end to a fantastic experience. I intend to stay in touch with my apprentices, and I look forward to reading and hearing more of their work.

Thanks, ACI, for this opportunity. And thanks, Becky and Tanner, for being great apprentices, or mentalists, or manatees, or whatever the right word is.