Brandon Genre Reading

This coming weekend, I’ll be one of four science-fiction and fantasy authors reading at Brandon University’s Elephant Room. I’ll be reading a few different things — a short story, a couple micro-stories, and an excerpt from my novel-in-progress.

Who’s all reading

  • Shen Braun, a contributor to Tesseracts 15
  • Chadwick Ginther, author of Thunder Road [curses, I still haven’t reviewed that — sorry, Chadwick] and a contributor to Tesseracts 16
  • Craig Russell, author of Black Bottle Man [my review]
  • Patrick Johanneson, a contributor to Tesseracts 14

Brandon University’s Campus Books will have copies on hand of Tesseracts 14 through 16, Black Bottle Man, and Thunder Road on hand for purchase. I can’t speak for the other three 1, but I’ll happily sign whatever you put in front of me.

Coffee, juice, water, and light snacks will be on hand. See you there!

  1. That said, I’d be surprised if they were unwilling to sign things.