October is Busy

Things to do in October:

  • pre­pare a talk for a con­fer­ence (pos­si­bly)
  • write
  • run a judo tournament
  • write some more
  • apply for a men­tor­ship program
  • sub­mit some writing
  • read & cri­tique a friend’s novel
  • start work on a Word­Press plugin
  • write a review of anoth­er friend’s nov­el*
  • make sure my judo points sheet is up to date
  • write a lit­tle more
  • suit up for a friend’s wedding

And still hold down my day job, teach judo two nights a week, show movies at the Evans, attend week­ly dance class­es, bi-week­ly Write Club meet­ings, and main­tain my sun­ny disposition.

I miss summer.

How’s your autumn lookin’?




* The short review: It’s amaz­ing. Read it. (Chad­wick, the longer review is still com­ing, honest.)