Some terminology

From my zom­bies-in-Cana­da work in progress:

…The pre­ferred term for those that have under­gone the trans­for­ma­tion in ques­tion is “revenant”. The word revenant should not be capitalized.

Unless you are direct­ly quot­ing a source, do not use the pejo­ra­tive terms “zom­bie” or “undead”. Both these terms car­ry a sub­stan­tial seman­tic pay­load. If they are used, make it clear that they are terms used by the quot­ed source, and not terms nor­mal­ly in use by your out­let. In extreme­ly revenant-friend­ly regions (Moose Jaw and envi­rons, for instance), you may wish to con­sid­er using aster­isks to mask the term: “z****e” or “und**d”, for example.

Cana­di­an Press Style­book, 23rd Edi­tion (2017)