Stray thoughts as I biked to 10th Street to visit G., and then home again

On the way there:

  • Man, that wind is cold. Cuts right through my jack­et. I’ll sure be glad on the way home, when it’s at my back.
  • Not a lot of traf­fic, even for a Tues­day evening about 8.
  • C’mon, turn green already.
  • Thanks for giv­ing me plen­ty of space.*
  • I’ll have to make sure I turn off my tail­light when I lock my bike up.
  • C’mon, turn green already.

On the way home:

  • Crap, I left the tail­light on. Oh well, it does­n’t draw a lot of battery.
  • Still not a pile of traffic.
  • I“ll be halfway home before G. gets to his truck.
  • How can the wind be in my face in both direc­tions?
  • Heh. “Plea­sure Chest”.
  • Oh right, wash­board**. This sucks even worse at night.


  • Oh crap, I left my tail­light on again.


* Not sar­cas­tic; the truck in ques­tion went into the oth­er lane, giv­ing me lots of room, some­thing that does­n’t always hap­pen in this town.
** They’re repaving sev­er­al streets in my neigh­bour­hood. So far they’ve done the part where they tear up the old asphalt. The sur­face left behind is less fun to bike on than you’d think.