Stray thoughts as I biked to 10th Street to visit G., and then home again

On the way there:

  • Man, that wind is cold. Cuts right through my jacket. I’ll sure be glad on the way home, when it’s at my back.
  • Not a lot of traffic, even for a Tuesday evening about 8.
  • C’mon, turn green already.
  • Thanks for giving me plenty of space.*
  • I’ll have to make sure I turn off my taillight when I lock my bike up.
  • C’mon, turn green already.

On the way home:

  • Crap, I left the taillight on. Oh well, it doesn’t draw a lot of battery.
  • Still not a pile of traffic.
  • I”ll be halfway home before G. gets to his truck.
  • How can the wind be in my face in both directions?
  • Heh. “Pleasure Chest“.
  • Oh right, washboard**. This sucks even worse at night.


  • Oh crap, I left my taillight on again.


* Not sarcastic; the truck in question went into the other lane, giving me lots of room, something that doesn’t always happen in this town.
** They’re repaving several streets in my neighbourhood. So far they’ve done the part where they tear up the old asphalt. The surface left behind is less fun to bike on than you’d think.