Interesting, to say the least

I got a new watch from my wife for my birthday last month. It’s a great watch, and I like it rather a lot.

My new watch

Today on my lunch break, for no other reason than “because I’m a nerd”, I punched my watch’s serial number into Google, expecting to find — I don’t know, maybe its incept date*. Nothing much, anyways.

Instead, I found a US Marshal forfeiture auction listing that included my watch.

My watch's lot

That’s it in the bottom middle of the lot.

The things you learn.

[update] Apparently, the auction company in question “sells all the jewelry[etc.] seized and forfeited nationally for the U.S. Marshals Service.” So… do I have a drug dealer’s watch? Was it seized in a tax forteiture? The rather shallow mystery deepens a very little bit.

[2nd update] As it turns out, there’s no mystery here. What I took to be a unique serial number was apparently in fact a global product number. So it wasn’t my watch in the property auction; just a watch just like mine.

* See, there’s that nerd thing creeping in again.