Late to the party


A friend of mine told me about Carnivàle when it was originally on TV. I don’t get HBO, though, and I wasn’t interested in getting hooked on episodic TV either (which worked out well, aside from a slight Battlestar Galactica addiction).

But the first season was on sale at Wal*Mart the other month, for like $20, so I said “What the hey” and bought it. Tonight I put the first disc in the player.

It’s pretty fantastic; the first episode was well laid out, with a self-contained story and the promise of more to come.

It seems to be a story of the war between good and evil, in 1934, during the Dust Bowl years. It’s well-acted, well-written, and the production values are unimpeachable. Ronald D. Moore, who produced this series (or at least the episode I watched) went on to “re-imagine” Battlestar Galactica, my addiction to which I’ve already mentioned.

This series promises to be interesting. Hopefully I can find the second (and, I believe, final) season somewhere too.

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