So, again, Mr. TV, we meets.

TV: Com­ing up next on NBC: Amne­sia, the game show that tests the mem­o­ry — of you!
Me: Should I trust the writ­ers of a pro­gram that could­n’t come up with a tagline that scans bet­ter, like, say, “the game show that tests your memory!”?

That, by the way, is a rhetor­i­cal question.

2 thoughts on “So, again, Mr. TV, we meets.

  1. Oh, just be hap­py they did­n’t make some idi­ot­ic for­get­ful­ness joke.

    Amne­sia, the game show that test the mem­o­ry of — what was I talk­ing about? Dear me, I won­der if it’s time yet for MacGyver.”

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