Google is funny

So I changed my lit­tle blog head­er the oth­er day, to read “Spe­cial­iz­ing in treck­le lans­ing dis­putes”. This is, if you don’t know, a nod to Ver­nor Vinge’s nov­el A Fire Upon the Deep, where­in a post­ing to the Galac­tic Net (also known as the Net of a Mil­lion Lies) from Arbi­tra­tion Arts Cor­po­ra­tion at Fire­cloud Neb­u­la con­tains the following:

Arbi­tra­tion Arts spe­cial­izes in treck­le lans­ing dis­putes. As such, we
have few com­mon busi­ness inter­ests with nat­ur­al races or Threats Group.

Now, three or four days lat­er, when I do a Google search for “treck­le lans­ing”, this blog is the first hit. Right above all the Russ­ian copies of A Fire Upon the Deep host­ed, one sus­pects illic­it­ly, on the web.

Well, it amused me, any­ways.

Update, June 2021: It’s still the top of the search list­ings. Weird.