Everything that never ended

So I’ve been having kind of mixed feelings about my online serial novel, Everything that never happened, which has been stalled since, oh, August or so. June, if I’m honest with myself. This week I decided to push it to the back burner, and work instead on Salyx, which is my 2006 Nano novel. I’ve had some good ideas recently for that story, and it’s been more and more in the forefront of my writing brain, so it only seemed natural I’d get to it.

But in the last two days, two of my friends (both named John, coincidentally) have inquired about the status of Everything etc. One has read to the first interlude; the other has made it to chapter 8 or so. And so I’ve started to think that maybe I should push through, and get a first draft completed (which, honestly, is what this particular online novel is).

So in the next little while I’m going to try and do both. I’ve decided to try using Spacejock’s yWriter software to work on Salyx; I may try using it for Everything as well. We’ll see how this goes.

If I find I really can’t handle two writing projects at once, I guess I’ll have to choose. At this point the choice looks like it would fall to Salyx‘s favour, but who knows? Maybe getting in there, getting my hands dirty with those characters from the spooky, zombie-infested 17th century will rekindle my fervor for Everything.

I hope this post is of interest to someone other than me… but even if it ain’t, it’s something I wanted to say. Well, write. Well, type.

3 thoughts on “Everything that never ended

  1. I’m afraid I haven’t looked at ETNH, but I gotta say: GREAT TITLE. Not too many titles function as a hook.

    I just posted a minireview on Helix. Have you read it?

  2. Yeah, it’s one of those titles that waited a long time for me to start to hang a story on it. I’ve even got a sound reason for the title, and it involves zombies.

    Helix sounds interesting. I’ll have to track that down, after I’ve gotten through my current stack.

  3. I must say, that I look forward to reading both. I had started ETNH, I think I read the first 10 or so chapters… Is there anywhere I can go to see Salyx still? I forget which one that was. Are you adding to it? Or editing? I need to print these stories off, otherwise I never read them. I don’t have time at work anymore, I am too busy working!

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