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She bris­tled at the name. “Robin? Don’t even— Don’t even talk to me about that lit­tle suck­up. Don’t even men­tion his name. Seri­ous­ly.” Rolling her eyes: “He spent like two days on the phones, then got pro­mot­ed. Now I hear he does field­work. What is he, six­teen? Man, let me tell you— Sor­ry, hang on, I got­ta take this.”

She pushed a but­ton, and her tone changed: calm and pro­fes­sion­al. “Super­hero tech line, how can I help you? Sir, calm down, sir, please, I can’t make out a word you’re say­ing.” There was a pause, then: “No, the red cape lin­ing is fire­proof. The blue one is water­proof.” Anoth­er pause, dur­ing which she rolled her eyes again. “Sir, I’m very sor­ry you zipped in the wrong lin­ing, but there’s not a lot I can do about it from here.” She mimed putting a gun to her head, then pulling the trig­ger, while she lis­tened to his response. “Cer­tain­ly, I can con­nect you to a super­vi­sor.” She pushed a but­ton, then mut­tered under her breath: “Not that you’ll get any more help from her.”

She looked back at me. “Now where was I? Right, Robin. There’s this one time, he and Super­boy go out drink­ing—” The sto­ry that fol­lows, while enter­tain­ing, is unsuit­able for a fam­i­ly pub­li­ca­tion such as this one.

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  1. Okay, I con­fess I did­n’t even notice the head­set when I first saw the pic­ture. Maybe I thought it was an anten­na. Excel­lent job!

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