I have GMail. I use GMail a lot. GMail has some built-in spam fil­ters. It’s rare, in fact, that an email makes it to my inbox offer­ing to enhance or expand my body parts, or give me 10% of the Crown Prince of Nige­ri­a’s mon­ey trans­fers, or any­thing of the like.

Every once in a while, I go into the spam fold­er to clean it out.

One thing about GMail is that it scans my mail for key­words, and presents rel­a­tive­ly unob­tru­sive links on the pages based on what it finds. Things I might be inter­est­ed in.

I’ve noticed that the links in my spam fold­er are down­right scary. Not that it’s ads for Herbal V1@gr@, no. Some­how it’s worse:

French Fry Spam Casse­role — Bake 3040 minutes
Savory Spam Cres­cents — Bake 1215 min­utes or until gold­en brown
Spam Con­fet­ti Pas­ta — Prepa­ra­tion time 30 minutes

With­out a word of a lie, those are the last three links that I’ve had. I feel like I have my very own ver­sion of James Lileks’ Gallery of Regret­table Foods.